27 New Firefighters Recruits Quickly Hired in Unannounced Friday City Hall Ceremony

On Friday, February 24, 2017, Chief Joseph Barron of the Quincy Fire Department hires 27 probationary firefighters in a ceremony a Quincy City Hall. There are currently 190 city employees in the Quincy Fire Department. There will now be 217 Quincy Firefighter Union Employees said Chief Barron. (an increase of 14.21% of firefighter staff)

There was no public notice of this quick hiring of 27 new firefighters. The first word about the massive firefighters hiring was announced to the public and city councillors at the February 21st meeting on Tuesday night. There was no posting on the city website or bulletin boards. There was no announcement at the last the council meeting only three days before the ceremony on friday. Its seems that only the new recruits family and friends were invited to the ceremony on friday the 24th.

From the pictures posted in the patriot ledger, it appears that all 27 new hires are males, 0 female hires.
There recruit class was made up of only 2 or 3 minorities (no asian seen in pictures) and 90% caucasian men, not a very diverse class it appears. The average age was estimated to be around mid to late 30’s, definitely some 40 somethings mixed in the crowd. The Quincy Taxpayers Association will be doing a full report on this new class of 2017 firefighter recruits.

Good Luck and Welcome to Quincy.

2017 Firefighters Recruit List: Matthew Tobin, Douglas Trude, Brendan Gibbons, Joseph Callahan, Benjamin Berlo, Martin Rigby, Brian MacDonald, William Meade, Grover Hensley, Wendell Cosgrove, Kristian Palushi, Michael Toran, Cody Daniels, Bryan Donelin, Evan Harrington, Garry Helm, Brian LaPorte, Joseph McGhee, Christopher O’Hare, Michael Stanton, Cameron Wolf, Paul Cunniff, Jeffrey D’Angelo, Michael Martorano, Carlos Ochoa, Daniel Scribi and Joseph Scribi.

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