Councillor Palmucci Introduces Residential Property Tax Exemption for Quincy Taxpayers

ORDER NO. 2018-019
ORDERED: January 22, 2018

WHEREAS, many residential taxpayers struggle to afford the costs of remaining in Quincy, especially seniors on a fixed income; and WHEREAS, there has been millions of dollars in new growth throughout the City; and

WHEREAS, the residential taxpayer should receive a direct benefit from new growth and development in the City; and

WHEREAS, the City Council has a fiduciary obligation to the taxpayers of the City; and

WHEREAS, the affordability of Quincy has decreased dramatically in the past several years; and

WHEREAS, the strength of our City comes from the diversity and character of our residential neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, diversity of ethnicity and soci-economic background are both important factors of our City’s diversity; and

WHEREAS, resident tax payers who live in Quincy add to our diversity and the fabric of our neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, the resident taxpayers in Quincy deserve a reduction on their property taxes;

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the Administration work with the City Council to fashion and introduce within the next ninety days an ordinance that create a resident property tax exemption.

The goal of the ordinance shall be for taxpayers who own and occupy their home to save on their tax bill by having a portion of their tax bill exempted from taxation.

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