//Warning – Time to Sell is Now!

Warning – Time to Sell is Now!

The stock market crash has just begun and profits from a 10 year bull market are washing away quickly, but investors must realize that selling close to the top is better than holding until the bottom.

The downside risk is tremendous prices could easily go down 30% more over the next few months. A clear path to the white house for the Joe Biden with the Economy now in trouble.

The time to sell is now, why not salvage most of your profits before the cruel stock market begins to take away your actual life savings or family inheritances.

Your health and sleeping will suffer if you stay invested during this period of turbulence in the market. Many people never recovered from the stock market crash of 2008.

Don’t Believe the hype of “the market will bounce back”, because they forgot to tell you its just going to take 10 years to reach the stock market highs during the Trump administration. The Democrats have doomed the economy. The fix is in and they are coming for your money!

Sell your stocks today or tomorrow, but there is no reason to wait.

Sell high, buy low, prices are still high today, but tomorrow never knows!

Cash is King!